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RT685 EVK / Flexcomm I2S 24bit audio

Question asked by Petr Otoupal on Jul 15, 2020
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can someone please provide an example how to configure the WM8960 Codec / I2S on RT685 to I2S stereo 24bit mode (which has 32 clocks per sample, so in total 64 per both channels)? 


Technically speaking i can configure / modify the examples to set the right clocks (confirmed via scope)  and the codec to produce data in such format. If i just take the arriving data and copy them from RX to TX i can hear audio correctly, but when i actually inspect the incoming data it does not seem to be in the correct format - i assume i should always get three populated bytes and one zero byte per channel but regardless of how i setup  datalength / framelength i don't get the data i expect. The correct settings i assume here should be datalength = 32, framelength = 64.


Also another interesting issue is that even if i just copy the audio from rx to tx what happens sometimes is that when the code starts executing left and right channels flip. This is completely unpredicatle behavior.