Toño Hernández

BLOG POST: Why Automakers Need a Safety-First Approach to Autonomous Cars

Discussion created by Toño Hernández Employee on Jul 13, 2020

There are common misperceptions about what autonomous cars can do and what it takes to make them a reality. Suffice to say, they are not as simple as a smartphone on wheels.


Listen to our CEO Kurt Sievers at IAA Motor Show 2019 cut through the hype. The often-cited autonomous car fatalities are not due to the absence of 5G connectivity or bandwidth shortages, the lack of computing power or the infant capabilities of artificial intelligence or machine learning. Mastering the safety challenge of autonomous cars takes more than a powerful brain. A safety-first approach in sensing and computing would bring the required quantum-leap to autonomous driving. After all, safety is not negotiable in a smart, connected, automated world.