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problem about AN12270

Question asked by nine sun on Jul 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by Yiping Wang

Dear Mr/Mrs:
I have question about TWR-LS1021A,I try to test lsbp.tcl by CCS as described in  application note about the tcl script can run without any error prompt,but there is not any message from the uart debug console
1.the board is TWR-LS1021A,the uart debug console can work with other firmware.
2.I use the method in AN12270 to test the ddram. the test is ok. I write 0x1,0x2,0x3,x04 to the ddram. the read back result is ok
3.the u-boot.bin is from the files accompanied with this board. The directory is OOBE-demo\sdcard-rev2\sdcard-rev2.
4.The default setting for RCW jumper in TWR_LS1021A is 0x9c. but the script is 0x9B, I try to change it as 0x9C. but the script will return an error: scan timeout. the script can work only the value is 0x9B.
so my question is:
1.if the u-boot.bin is right?as I know. The u-boot.bin should be version to run in ddrarm so I don't know if such file is ok. if there is any problem about this binary file. HOw can i make it?
2.the setting in this board for RCW should be 0x9c. but the value in script is 0x9B.Does such different cause failure?So how can we modify the setting in board as 0x9B?
could you please to give us some suggestions about it? Thank you!