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A probably error in S32K SDK

Question asked by dan Li on Jul 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Diana Batrlova


   I have found a error in the power_smc_hw_access.c in S32_SDK_DFP1.2.0 that in line 363 the register to juge is SMC->PMPROT but the mask bit is PMCTRL, is this a error? ( The Appendix below shows )

   And I have met a application problem: When I allow going to VLPS/HSRUN mode by setting the bits in PMPORT, then go into VLPS mode, but I get a 1 status by reading VLPSA in PMCTRL after wakup by GPIO interrupt. And Only when I make POR reset, the status is correct indicating that I have succeffuly gone into VLPS.

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static bool SMC_CheckVlpsa(const SMC_Type * const baseAddr)
bool retValue;
uint32_t regValue = (uint32_t)baseAddr->PMPROT;

retValue = (regValue == 0UL) ? false : true;

return retValue;