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HardFault MKE14 PMSM sensorless

Question asked by Ghanshyambhai Sangani on Jul 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by Jose Gallegos

We are using MKE14F256VLH16 to drive sensorless PMSM. We are using SDK 2.7.0. When we made our custom board, we have removed external crystal and enable internal RC oscillator clock source.

Everything works great but sometime it gives hard fault randomly like:

1. The processor has escalated a configurable-priority exception to HardFault
     A bus fault has occured on an instruction prefetch (CFSR IBUSERR, BFAR)

2. A coprocessor access error has occured (CFSR NOCP)

3. An instruction executed with invalid EPSR, T or EPSR, IT filed (CFSR, INVSTATE)


We are seeking quick and paid help from NXP.