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QSPI Flash Speeds for the LS1046ARDB

Question asked by Shivesh Sood on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by Shivesh Sood


We are using a custom basic bootloader on the LS1046ARDB. We find on our board that copying an 8MB Application from the QSPI Flash to DDR RAM takes about 48s, which works out to ~ 0.16 MB/sec (using a standard implementation of the memcpy function) 


Are these in line with expected speeds?

How can we check the current "mode" (Single, dual, quad modes of operation, as mentioned in Section 27.2.1 of the LS1046ARM Ref Manual) of the QSPI Flash? 


We changed SCFG_QSPI_CFG[CLK_SEL] value to 0x4 (highest working value) to change the QSPI Clock divider value to 20, and found a moderate improvement in speed. The copy time for the same 8MB file came down to 30s, working out to ~ 0.26 MB/sec. Please suggest any other modifications/ configurations we can look at to further speed up QSPI Flash Read speeds.




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