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MCT 7.0 - MCT refuses to open for new project

Question asked by David Rodgers on Jul 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by David Rodgers

I've just created a new RT1064 project.  When creating the project, I selected the CVJ5A variant of the RT1064.  My project builds and links correctly.  Now I want to customize the pins and clocks for my project.  But MCT is refusing to generate a MEX file or even let me open the current project in MCT 7.0.


So I have the MCT view open:

MCUX 11.1.1 selecting an MCT option


You can see at the top that no project is currently open in MCT, even though I have my project open in the Develop perspective.  If I use the "<Select Project>" dropdown to select my project, I get a progress dialog that pops up for a few seconds, then completes and disappears, and I'm left with the same view, no pins, no project open.  If from the Project Explorer (which I have open at the bottom right) I right-click the project, then select "MCUXpresso Config Tools", then pick any option (let's say "Open Pins"), the same progress dialog opens and runs for a few seconds, but instead of it disappearing, I then get this:

MCT 7.0 refuses to open pins perspective


My first question on seeing this is "why?".  When I created my project, I specifically picked the CVJ5A variant of the chip.  Why would the DCD component be stuck on the DVL6A variant?  My second question is, "where are these settings buried?"  I haven't been able to decipher that (more below on that).


OK, so I tried instead importing settings from a similar, previous RT1060 project.  But of course, MCT won't let you import settings unless you already have the project open in MCT:

MCT won't import settings unless you already have an MCT project open


OK, maybe there are some project settings I'm missing.  So I look in my project properties:

MCT options are empty in project properties


Well, that's no damned help.  So I look at my MCU settings:

MCUX project properties, MCU settings


Nothing variant-specific, just the "A" revision of the RT1064.  OK, maybe MCT is reading existing source files to determine what MCU is being used for each of the components.  So I do two searches, one for the string "DVL", the other for "CVJ".

Instances of "DVL" in my project

Instances of "CVJ" in my project


Bizarrely, there's direct mentions of the DVL package in the clock config and pin mux files, but no special mention of the CVJ package.  And yet, MCT is convinced that my clocks configuration is tied to the CVJ5A variant, and since that doesn't match the DCDx module's selection(?) of the DVL6A variant, MCT simply won't open.


So... how do I fix this?  Why does this tool exist in this state in the first place?  This is yet another incredibly frustrating MCUx bug that's preventing me from getting my job done and requiring me to take additional time to write up yet another seeming defect report.


Please tell me how to properly configure MCT to open the pins tool for my RT1064 project, thank you.


David R.