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PF1550 power path options

Question asked by Vladislav Redin on Jul 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by Vladislav Redin

Hello dear friends. I'm confused with PF1550 datasheet. There is information about power path but I can't understand how it works. If I correct:

1. My analog scheme I should feed from VSYS;

2. VSYS is power path and its output current depends on equality: VBUS_CURRENT (1500 mA) - CHARGING_CURRENT (1000 mA) = 500 mA

Maybe I'm mistaken and VSYS output current is anything else. Maybe VSYS is not power path...

Sorry, but my English is not good enough to understand so big document, please help me.

Perfectly, I want to charging my battery with 1A current minimum (1.5A recommended) and drive my analog scheme from power path when I need 3.7V and 1.5A too. Is it really with PF1550 or should I use something enough to provide such a power path for my analog scheme?

CPU: i.MX7ULP with LPDDR3.