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Brand New FRDM-K64F failing...

Question asked by Robert Poor on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Robert Poor

I've plugged in my brand new FRDM-K64F.

I've installed MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, Config Tools and (windows) serial driver.

I've compiled the "hello world" demo.

But when I click on 'debug', I get:

One thing to note: I noticed the USB device "bouncing" every 20 seconds or so: it would play the audible alert for "disconnecting" and then "connecting" a USB device.


Consequently, I tried the following:

- Rebooted my Windows 10 box

- Plugged the FRDM-K64F directly into the computer's USB (not via a port expander)

- Swapped USB cables

... but none of those made a difference.  (I did plug in my ancient KL25Z and it came up without any problems.)


Since all of my other USB device have been behaving, I'm suspecting a faulty FRDM-K64F.  Are there any other things I can try before I return the board?  And if it *is* a faulty board, what's the protocol for exchanging it?  (I purchased it from DigiKey.)