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LPC55S69 USB HID Generic endpoint setting ???

Question asked by Eagan Yu on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by Alice_Yang

Hi ,

When I was learning about LPC55S69 USB , I have a question , I would appreciate it if you could provide any help .

I use MCUXpresso IDE 11.1 based on SDK 2.7 to set up a Generic HID USB example (AS device) .

I modify the main function, compile through, download to LPC55S69 EVK board ,Later, I used Bus Hound to monitor communication data and found that HID universal USB INPUT and output endpoints were all using endpoint 1 ,However, I found that the SDK HID Generic USB communication endpoint USES endpoint 1 as input and endpoint 2 as output (from the host point of view) . So ,I follow the example and change the endpoint to endpoint 1 as input , endpoint 2 as output .


However, it cannot communicate on bus Hound, showing the following error

Device  Address   Length   Phase  Data             Description    Delta  Cmd.Phase.Ofs(rep)  Time          Driver 

 34.2                                   USTS   c0000011    xact error        4.2sc         7.1.0        12:04:06.988  bhound7 

NOW,I want to know how to modify the endpoint properly, thank you