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S32K148 chip, J-link can not connect after program disorder.

Question asked by Fish Yu on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by Robin_Shen



I have a issue with j-link debug.
My platform is S32K148, the debug tools is j-link, the 4 pin connect, GND-VCC-SWD-CLK.

But one time, I debug my code, maybe the program is not valid, the program run out of track, and pop up message.

From then on, the j-link can not connect with platform.

I have try below procedure

1. plug out power and plug in

The program can run part, but after part, disorder

2. make reset to low when connecting, also fail.

3. I have mark the SWD function when VLPS mode, I doubt the program have jump to VLPS.


For this issue, how to fix it, please help.