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PTP synchronization validation

Question asked by Tong Wu on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by Alexis Andalon

Hi recently I'm working on PTP synchronization with FRDM k66. Right now I want to connect two k66 board( one as master and another as slave node) and both connect to oscilloscope and generate some pulses per second  to validate the synchronization between two boards like this one:

(this one use two boards as slaves and one PC sends PTP msg but we don't have MQX1588 library to follow all the steps in this doc)


Because we don't have MQX library, we use the frdm k66 sdk instead( ). However in the FRDM-K66 sdk frdmk66f_enet_txrx_ptp1588_transfer example, I think it only sends and receives some frames but doesn't do the synchronization step. 


Is there anyone can help with the master node and slave node synchronization with PTP or is there any example to do the synchronization with the sdk? Thanks!