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MCU 11.1.1 / MCT 7.0.0 - Pins GUI gets confused when sorting

Question asked by David Rodgers on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by David Rodgers

Ran into a weird bug here... it appears that the Pins display can get seriously confused when sorting using the Label column, such that the Pin and Pin Name columns no longer match up with the rest of the columns.  Screenshots below...


I've got an RT1062 project that I'm developing.  I opened MCUX, then clicked the Pins icon (green square chip) to open the Pins view.  This is what I see:

MCT pins view just after opening


Pretty normal, pins are sorted alphanumerically by designator (A1, B1, etc).  Then I click on the Pin Name column, which sorts them by pin name (ascending).  And I get this view:

MCT pins view, sort by pin name ascending


Again, pretty normal, what I expect to see.  Then for giggles, I click on the Label column.  (For some reason, it defaults to descending sort, not ascending).  And I get this:

MCT pins view, sort by label descending - now the view is broken


This is where things go wrong.  Look at the Pin and Pin Name columns... they're back to being sorted by Pin (ascending).  But the Label column is now sorted in descending order, and all of the function columns to the right are following the label column.  Look at that block of VDD pins in gray... those definitely don't belong in pins A/B/C/D1, etc.  Then for giggles, I click the Label column again, to sort ascending.  This is now what I see:

MCT pins view, sort by label ascending - view is still broken


So the labels have flipped order, as have all the function columns, but the Pin and Pin Name columns are still locked in ascending order.


What's going wrong?


David R.