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Code warrior does not recognize global structure variable

Question asked by jaehak kim on Jul 7, 2020
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I'm using code warrior IDE version 5.9.0 for MPC55xx/56xx. 

According to my preference setting, the global variables should be purple. 

I declared the struct variable such as , 


// aaa.h

struct _A


   uint8_t a:1;

   uint8_t b:1;

   uint8_t :6;


void floor(void);

#ifdef _aaa_h_

  struct _A a_struct;


  extern struct _A a_struct;




// aaa.c

#include "aaa.h"


void floor(void)


  a_struct.a = 1;



I think that the struct variable 'a_struct' will be purple. But it doesn't. Its color is white (foreground).

There is no compile error. 

When I declare the struct variable in main.h and main.c, It works, 

But in other source, header files, It doesn't apply. 


Is It just a bug?