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Need final answer:  Sata on ls1043ardb

Question asked by john Reed on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by ufedor

Several shallow threads out there on the Sata ls1043ardb question.


From a previous thread:


>> it's posible run sata at LS1043ARDB. SATA serdes is multiplexing with PCIe. You only need is simple reduction from >> pcie connector to sata connector. Next step is change rcw to enable SATA and switch SW3[4] to 0 (100MHz clock). I >> work on LS1043ARDB with SATA without problems.


From another previous thread where the question was Sata on ls1043a:


>> This is not possible because SATA could be configured only on SerDes lane 3 (D), while mPCIe slot is connected to the lane 2 (C).


I have done some work in this area myself.    I have changed the rcw to 0x3358 (verified upon boot), and also set the Switch SW3[4] to 0.     It booted up fine, but no Sata.


I have a simple PCIE to msata board.    Pretty sure the board (have 2 of them) is fine.


At least need to know if the HW can do this, as I've already gone down a pretty deep rabbit hole.


Greatly appreciate any help.