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QN9080 demo (wireless heart rate) application issue

Question asked by Eduardo Ortega on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by Eduardo Ortega

Hello I am brand new to NXP devices (specifically the QN 9080 DK).


I am unable to run the basic wireless programs such as the examplified heart rate sensor FRTOS. I am able to Build, use Jlink debug probe, but my run terminates in error 127 (Still combing through documentation to find out what this means). If i could get some tips That would be great - my environment is the following: MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, Used Jlink driver install through LPCSrypt, and Jumpers @ JP16/15/8/7 (2-3)/12/13/14/11/2 (1-2). Red light on at D1, green light on at D4 and white LED on right next to D4/R48 (the RGB led) (no blinking they are just on). Also for the project I am just installing all of the drivers because I wanted to be sure that everything was being utilized in my MCUexpresso IDE project.


My ls /dev/tty.* output is:




I have the NXP IOT toolbox app on both android/iphone devices but both are unable to pick up the signal.  Let me know what steps I may take, I tried an ISP reset, various configurations of jumpers, currently going to try it on my windows instead, thank you!