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AN12079 example: Why is the key source fixed to 0?

Question asked by rshipman on Jul 6, 2020
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I have some questions regarding this document:


Document: AN12079.pdf

Section: 3.3.2. Generate SB file for FlexSPI NOR image encryption and programming


The bd file sets up the PRBD0 block like this:


#3 Prepare PRDB options

# 0xe0120000 is an option for PRDB contruction and image encryption

# bit[31:28] tag, fixed to 0x0E

# bit[27:24] Key source, fixed to 0 for A0 silicon

# bit[23:20] AES mode: 1 - CTR mode

# bit[19:16] Encrypted region count

# bit[15:00] reserved in A0

load 0xe0120000 > 0x4000;

# Region 0 start

load 0x60001000 > 0x4004;

# Region 0 length

load 0x00001000 > 0x4008;

# Region 1 start

load 0x60002000 > 0x400c;

# Region 1 length

load 0x0000e000 > 0x4010;

# Program PRDB0 based on option

enable flexspinor 0x4000;



  1. What does it mean by the line: ‘fixed to 0 for A0 silicon’
  2. How do I use this file to set up PRDB1?


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