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RT1020 - why is BEE_SEL1_KEY set to 11 in the example

Question asked by rshipman on Jul 6, 2020
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I have some questions regarding this document:


Document: AN12079.pdf

Section: 3.3.2. Generate SB file for FlexSPI NOR image encryption and programming


The bd file sets BEE_KEY0_SEL to b10 and BEE_KEY1_SEL to b11.


#6. Program BEE_KEY0_SEL and BEE_KEY1_SEL

load fuse 0x0000e000 > 0x06;



  1. Why is BEE_KEY1_SEL being set at all, when only the PRDB0 block is being used?
  2. Why is BEE_KEY1_SEL being set to b11 which is the SW_GP2 key? SW_GP2 has not been set in this example.
  3. BEE_KEY0_SEL is being set to b10 which is the OTPMK key. Where is the OTPMK key being set?
  4. When I tried setting BEE_KEY0_SEL and BEE_KEY1_SEL b10, the device would not boot. But when I used BEE_KEY0_SEL=b10 and BEE_KEY1_SEL=b11 like the example, it does boot. Why is this?


I am using the RT1020-EVK.


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