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PCF2127 and TS pin

Question asked by ivekengineer on Jul 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by ivekengineer

What should the voltage be on the TS pin (unconnected to any external devices) relative to either VBAT or VDD?  Should it be any different with TSOFF = 0 vs. TSOFF = 1?

On my board, when VBAT is ~2.5V I am measuring ~2.0V on my TS pin.  This would imply that either I'm leaking 2.5uA through the 200k pull-up resistor, or there is a diode from VBAT to one leg of the internal 200k pull-up resistor.  I would like to make sure I'm  not leaking 2.5uA as that would significantly reduce my supercap hold-up time.