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LS1020A: Hardware reset request and Рrivate opcodes in BSDL file

Question asked by Eduard Shishkin on Jul 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by ufedor

Dear all,


I want to use JTAG to access the debug port and ultimately to gain access to the processor registers, in order to initiate a hardware reset request.


NXP support provided a BSDL file by my request, but I see numerous private opcodes there. Is there a file with explanation of those private opcodes? Additionally, I would like to receive Applications Note AN4788, which is mentioned in the comments of the BSDL file.


If you could provide me with more documentation or information on how to use the NXP/ARM debug port and how to access the registers via JTAG, I would be very grateful. Best regards,


Eduard Shishkin