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Question about VCOFRQ setting in S12ZVL

Question asked by Junxi Cai on Jul 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by lama

Hello all,


I am currently at the configuration of the fvco of the S12ZVL128. However, I find some difference in the datasheet for VCOFRQ setting. Just want to confirm which is correct. 


In page. 235, chapter ' S12CPMU_UHV Synthesizer Register (CPMUSYNR)', I found the following information:

However, in page. 285, for the ‘9.7.3 Application Information for PLL and Oscillator Startup’, it says that range is between 48MHz to 80MHz for VCOFRQ[1:0] = 01:



I have also seen the same information in my register window when I was debugging:



Could anyone confirm which is the correct range for the setting?


Thank you,