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cw v6.2 math precision

Discussion created by guillaume sanahuja on May 6, 2009
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I'm working with cw 6.2, and trying do make some trigonometric calculations. The target is a MCF51qe.

For exemple, when I do this:


I obtain 0.75926020631887015.

In matlab, the same sinus gives 0.75925986842193.


The difference is not so big, but I have difference for each sin/cos calculation, and the result is used to found the distance between 2 GPS points. The distance is given using an acos function but the argument of the acos is >1, due to precision problems; so it can't be calculated. I'm sure of the formulas I'm using, as I checked with a computer and the problem doesn't appear (argument of acos is always<1).


In cw, I have included this libs:





I've tried other libs but without success.


Someone has an idea?

Thanks for your help!