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IMX6  VTT Termination with Pmic100 VREFDDR pin

Question asked by BASTIEN Guillaume on Jul 3, 2020
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I am working on imx6Q pcb board and I would like to use 4 DDR3 chips in fly-by topology.


In the 3.7§ DDR power recommendations of the Hardware Development Guide, NXP tells about DDR_VTT. I read articles and documentations which specify to use SW4 VTT mode.


I want to use the PMIC0100 chip in default mode.

1_ Does the VTT island can be provided by the VREFDDR pin (pmic)?


Also the number of decoupling capacitor is not clear.

2_ How many decoupling capacitors need to be placed on VTT island?


I saw Open Source project with decoupling capacitor between VTT and GND and between VTT and DDR_1.5V

3_ Did the last decoupling capacitor between VTT and DDR_1.5V is required ?


Hope someone could help me.


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