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How to flash rootfs.ubi with UUU

Question asked by Jari Peltonen on Jul 2, 2020
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I'm using UUU tool to flash my SW image into NAND Flash on an iMX6ULL device. I compile a U-Boot image (u-boot.imx) and a root file system rootfs.ubi (containing Kernel, Device Tree and rootfs). I can flash both images into the device but the procedure does not execute all the steps in my command list file.

The last steps in my command list file are;


FBK: ucmd flash_erase /dev/mtd1 0 0
FBK: ucp files/rootfs.ubi t:/tmp/rootfs.ubi
FBK: ucmd ubiformat /dev/mtd1 -f /tmp/rootfs.ubi -S 11272192 -y -s 4096 -O 4096

FBK: sync
FBK: ucmd umount /mnt/mtd
FBK: done


The ubiformat part does flash the rootfs.ubi ok, but the following steps are never executed, probably because there's no pass/fail result returned to calling application. How should I modify my command list to make this work? I have tried to use 'acmd' for running ubiformat, but I haven't figured out a correct sequence that would fix the issue.

I would appreciate if you could give me any advice on this topic.


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