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RAM to program Flash - ProcessorExpert IntFlash Bean

Question asked by Alexandre Pinotti on May 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 11, 2009 by Alexandre Pinotti

Hello everybody.


I am developing an aplication, based on 56F8037 CPU, where I want to program some configurations into Flash, so that they will be there after a power down.


I've read posts and manuals and found it´s necessary to run from RAM to program the flash. I've ran into this PE bean, IntFlash, but I am having some troubles.


I allocated a specific part of flash to be written. But all functions I try to use, doesn´t work. The ACCERR (Access error) bit is being set.

This bean calls a "run_and_wait_in_RAM()" function, and it seems to be workful in runtime. Does anyone ever used this bean or have some tip to give?

Do you think it is possible to use them in runtime and in debug mode?

In the bean documentation ( is said some configurations should be done in CPU bean as well, but I don´t know what they are.