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UUU tool stuck after loading bootloader image

Question asked by Nagarjun N on Jul 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by Aldo Gutierrez

Hello All,


I am new to this topic of bootloader and kernal image loading.

I am trying to use uuu tool and it only executes the first command of loading the bootloader. It stucks there and could not able to proceed to the next command.

My script contains,


uuu_version 1.2.39

# Please replace below item with actual name
# @_flash_fw.bin | boot loader firmware, for i.MX8QM/QX, it's different from _flash.bin, for all other platforms, it's same as _flash.bin
# @_flash.bin | boot loader file burn to NAND
# @_Image | linux kernel image, zImage for arm32, Image for arm64
# @_board.dtb | board dtb file
# @_initramfs.cpio.gz.uboot | initramfs
# @_tee | optee image
# @_rootfs.tar.bz2 | rootfs

# This command will be run when i.MX6/7 i.MX8MM, i.MX8MQ
SDP: boot -f u-boot-dtb.imx

FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_buffer ${loadaddr}
FB: download -f zImage
FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_buffer ${fdt_addr}
FB: download -f imx6ull-14x14-evk-gpmi-weim.dtb
FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_buffer ${initrd_addr}
FB: download -f fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs-imx_mfgtools.cpio.gz.u-boot
FB: ucmd setenv bootargs ${bootargs} ${mtdparts}
#FB: ucmd setenv bootargs console=ttymxc3,115200 ${mtdparts}
FB: acmd ${kboot} ${loadaddr} ${initrd_addr} ${fdt_addr}


The Output is:

uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- libuuu_1.3.191-0-g4fe24b9

Build in config:
Pctl Chip Vid Pid BcdVersion
SDPS: MX8QXP 0x1fc9 0x012f [0x0002..0xffff]
SDPS: MX8QM 0x1fc9 0x0129 [0x0002..0xffff]
SDPS: MX8DXL 0x1fc9 0x0147
SDPS: MX28 0x15a2 0x004f
SDPS: MX815 0x1fc9 0x013e
SDPS: MX865 0x1fc9 0x0146
SDP: MX7D 0x15a2 0x0076
SDP: MX6Q 0x15a2 0x0054
SDP: MX6D 0x15a2 0x0061
SDP: MX6SL 0x15a2 0x0063
SDP: MX6SX 0x15a2 0x0071
SDP: MX6UL 0x15a2 0x007d
SDP: MX6ULL 0x15a2 0x0080
SDP: MX6SLL 0x1fc9 0x0128
SDP: MX7ULP 0x1fc9 0x0126
SDP: MXRT106X 0x1fc9 0x0135
SDP: MX8MM 0x1fc9 0x0134
SDP: MX8MQ 0x1fc9 0x012b
SDPU: SPL 0x0525 0xb4a4 [0x0000..0x04ff]
SDPV: SPL1 0x0525 0xb4a4 [0x0500..0x9998]
SDPU: SPL 0x0525 0xb4a4 [0x9999..0x9999]
SDPU: SPL 0x3016 0x1001 [0x0000..0x04ff]
SDPV: SPL1 0x3016 0x1001 [0x0500..0x9998]
FBK: 0x066f 0x9afe
FBK: 0x066f 0x9bff
FB: 0x0525 0xa4a5
FB: 0x18d1 0x0d02
FB: 0x3016 0x0001
Wait for Known USB Device Appear...
New USB Device Attached at 1:9
1:9>Start Cmd:SDP: boot -f u-boot-dtb.imx
6400%1:9>Okay (0.549s)


I am running in windows 10. Could you help me what is the mistake of the script.