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USB-PD Sink support

Question asked by Ritesh Patel on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Tomas Vaverka
I am looking for the USB-PD sink support in my custom board.
The power delivery requirement at a glance:
  • USB-PD support on Type C connector
  • Default Sink/Consumer power role, No power role swap required
  • No USB data communication over this port.
  • The system requires ~33W power after power negotiation
Based on the above requirements, PTN5110 looks a good option to me, refer section  8.1.7 USB PD Sink.
Few questions on the application diagram shown in section 8.1.7:
  1. Does USB-PD provide 5V by default before required power negotiation to power the TCPM MCU and MCU then negotiate high power, ~33W in our case for the system?  I mean 5V at output of NX20P5090 by using pre-configured PTN5110DHQ as a Sink role at POR.
  2. Is the MCU (TCPM PD POLICY CONTROLLER) is a specific USB-PD controller or an ordinary MCU with I2C interface can work?
  3. How the PTN5110 negotiates with the USB-PD source for the required power? What are the components/interfaces being involved during the negotiation?
  4. Vbus to short protection, USB-PD PHY and the external power switch are considered as USB-PD sink components. Already have one Cortex-M MCU in the system for TCPM. Is anything else required for USB-PD sink support to my design?
Thank you.