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Can0 register and other CAN_X register are different

Question asked by yuan mengmeng on Jun 30, 2020
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    My CAN0 FD works well, but when i set the CAN1 and CAN2 FD register, I find the IDE S32 show the error.Then i compare the  CAN0 and CANX  register in the MPC5748.h, and surprise find there are a lot of difference between  CAN0 and  CANX. A  lot of  registers exit in CAN0, while not exit in CANx, like CBT、IMASK3.   Then  i don't know how to configure CANX can_fd register.


the IDE S32 show error as below:

the register comparison between CAN0 and CAN7 .


Can I replace the CAN_1_7_tag with the can_0_tag?