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generic_list usage? SERIAL_MANAGER_NON_BLOCKING_MODE broken?

Question asked by Roberto Quilez on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by Jing Pan

I am having a look to the generic_list.c in order to reuse the code for my own lists.

The serial_manager is using it for the SERIAL_MANAGER_NON_BLOCKING_MODE.


Nevertheless I can not see how can it work: 


When adding elements to the list, we are passing the address of "link", which is type "list_element_t"


static void SerialManager_AddTail(list_t *queue, serial_manager_write_handle_t *node)


    LIST_AddTail(queue, &node->link);



But when retrieving the element from the list 


serial_manager_write_handle_t *writeHandle =
(serial_manager_write_handle_t *)LIST_GetHead(&handle->runningWriteHandleHead);

What we get from the list is a "list_element_t" (the "&node->link" previously added), the casting to "serial_manager_write_handle_t" does not work.


Am I missing something?


PS: I am using SDK 2.7.0 on a MK26