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PCF8563 external crystal clock error and consumption current problem

Question asked by LEE TERRY on Jun 30, 2020


I am inquiring because there is a problem with IC.

Currently we are applying PCF8563 to RTC parts.

However, there are many time errors in the RTC, so the external clock waveforms at pins 1 and 2 are measured by distortion and the current consumption at pin 8 is measured at 900 nA.
When replaced with an IC considered normal, the external clock waveform of pins 1 and 2 is measured as normal without distortion and the consumption current of pin 8 is measured at 300 nA.
It seems to be an unknown problem inside the chip, but I would like to ask if such a problem has ever been raised in PCF8563.

And let me know if there is a solution.

Currently, we only use IC that are normally measured by scope.

Please review the attached photo and reply.

Thank you.