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LPC55S69 USBHSD - auto-gen chirp/timer bug?

Question asked by on Jun 30, 2020
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Using the MCUXpresso Config Tools with LPC55S69, I can get USBHSD code generated (using the CDC VCOM preset). This is awesome!


I've noticed that (a) MRT is required (b) code wrapped by #if CHIRP_ISSUE_WORKAROUND_NEEDED is generated. This seems to be resulting in a bug (I can provide code example if required).
The routine USB_DeviceClockInit() makes a call to USB_TimerInit(0, 1000U). This results in a compile error as the USB_TimerInit() function is not defined due to (my setup) not making use of the CHIRP_ISSUE_WORKAROUND_NEEDED macro.

Just commenting out the USB_TimerInit() seems to result in functioning code.


Is this a bug in the config tool?
What actually is the chirp issue? I couldn't see anything related to this in the LPC55s6x UM and Errata.


Target: lpcxpresso55s69 (1B silicon)

IDE: MCUXpresso v11.1.1
MCUXpresso Config Tools: v7.0  (I think this is what is bundled with the IDE version)