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PCA9615 compatible to PCA9516?

Question asked by Claude Chevalier on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by G.w. Sun

Hello all,

I'm using the PCA9516 "5-channel I2C-bus hub". On the first page of the datasheet, there is a warning saying some other I2C devices can't be cascaded to the PCA9516 because of its use of a slightly higher logic-low level.

I was planning on cascading the PCA9615 "2-channel multipoint Fm+ dI2C-bus buffer with hot-swap logic" but I'm afraid it is one of the devices that will not work along with the PCA9516.

PCA9516 Vol max is 0.6V

PCA9615 Vil max is 0.4V

So, am I right thinking the 9615 can't be cascaded to the 9516 (so confusing part numbers!).

I considered inserting a PCA9511 between the two, but its Vil max (for the SCL/SDA pins) is not specified.

Any idea?