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iMXRT1021 - HARDFAULT in BOARD_BootClockRUN().

Question asked by Tony Thurgood on Jun 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by Chris Cowdery


We have experienced HARDFAULT issues at POR time. When trying alternative NOR flash chips or start-up configurations we would get an immediate hardfault in IAR debugger or standalone.

In the past we have had issues with some of the (unnecessary clock configs) and these have been removed from our build, but the latest problem was only "fixed" when this config was commented out in clock_configs.c...

// CLOCK_InitSysPfd(kCLOCK_Pfd2, 18);


I would like to know what this PFD is actually doing in relation to our hardware?

And do you see any consequences of this change?

We are using an IMXRT1021 with NOR flash, some led drivers, ethernet port and an RF chip.