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LS1046A SGMII PHY connection

Question asked by Kristóf Tunner on Jun 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by bpe

We have a custom board set up with the a LS1046a processor. The serdes control section of the rcw is configured as 0x1333 and the serdes1 port B is connected to the SGMII interface of a Marwell 88E1512 Phy chip. In u-boot i can see the Phy at adress 0x3 and reading the registers i can see that the link on the copper interface is up, but the SGMII interface is down according to the PHY registers. The phy is configured as sgmii->copper.


I used the same code as on the ls1046ardb devboard in /board/freescale/ls1046ardb/eth.c but not working. Have i missed some defines from the headers or some initialization needs to be done as well on the MAC side?


Thanks in advance!