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Physical Values of CAN bus with Model Based Design Toolbox

Question asked by Paola De Cesare on Jun 29, 2020
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I realized a CAN communication between s32k144 (master) and s32k148 (slave). I use the Model Based Design Toolbox (Simulink). The master sends three different IDs (3FF, 120, 1EF) at three different times. I want to read the physical values of CAN High and CAN Low. So the idea is to modify the code of slave in order to read, thanks to FreeMaster, the voltages of the two cables. I need the ADC and in particular, the ADC must be synchronized with the CAN msg. I want to use the blocks of ADC, available in Model Based Design Toolbox, to config the ADC and to guarantee the exact relationship between binary and voltage values. Does someone know how to obtain the physical values of CAN msg with Model Based Design Toolbox?
Thank you