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iMX6 multiple cameras with varying lane numbers

Question asked by J G on Jun 26, 2020
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I have two sensors going to the MIPI-CSI via a mipi-switch (so only one sensor will be running at once). One of those sensors is a 2-lane and the other is a 1-lane sensor. From what I understand configuring the line number through the drivers ( that is:

mipi_csi2_set_lanes(mipi_csi2_info, X)

) for each sensors is not enough and configuration through the device tree ( that is:

    lanes = <X>;

) must be modified appropriately for the specific driver in use, or in other words I just cant leave it at lanes=<2> if I want to run the 1-lane sensor, is that right?

In such case there is no workaround for the device-tree configuration in order to be able to switch the sensors without resetting the board (and reloading the .dtb with changed settings), or am I missing something?

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