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Memory map issues with MKV42F256xxx16 while using ARM GCC toolchain

Question asked by dhruvkakadiya on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by Myke Predko

Device: MKV42F256xxx16

Project: Running multiple tasks with FreeRTOS

Compiler toolchain: ARM GCC 9.2.1 20191025 (release)

MCUxpresso SDK: 2.7.0

Linker file: MKV42F256xxx16_flash.ld


I have a task running with few global static variables which are being used locally inside a task. So I need to keep those variables in specific order and also specific number of bytes at global level(so ultimately at BSS section) and if I have all of that in proper order then only code is able to run as expected. If I try to remove some variables from global space or change any variable sequences in there then getting different kinds of issues in which code would get into FreeRTOS assertions or not run expected code.


So it looks to me that there should be linker file issue that's been provided with the SDK itself. So can anyone please help me with this issue? Because usually linker file provides an algorithm/code to put different data sections at appropriate place within memory etc.


Attached linker file and startup file in here for the reference. These files are exactly same as what come with the SDK.


Thank you!