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Decoding of multiple H.264 streams simultaniously

Question asked by Michael Stahl on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Bio_TICFSL

I want to decode up to four H.264 (BaseLine) streams simultaniosly and show them on a LVDS display.

I found a table in a NXP document (DWF14_APF_IND_T0208.pdf) that the VPU can decode up to 8 D1@30fps.

Is it also possible to mix up the stream formats? For example 2 D1@30fps an 2 720p@30fps?

In a simple test I let stream three cameras with 720p@30fps. Two of these cameras are the same type. The third is a different one. I decode and show them with gstreamer. If I use 2 cameras everything is fine but when I connect the 3rd camera the display stucks.

This happens always when I connect the camera that is another type.

I figgure out that this camera always sent BaseLine@L4.1 independent of the resolution. I read in a forum that the decoder take the profile and level information to initialize the decoder.

So my question: Is it possible that the VPU reach its bounds when this one camera streams BaseLine@L4.1 and so the whole decoding stucks?

The attached table say that the VPU only can decode 1 stream with 1080p@30fps. That's what BaseLine@L4.1 mean.