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imxRT1064 Fails to Program Firmware in Internal Flash

Question asked by Mayuresh Manjrekar on Jun 24, 2020
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We are using MIMXRT1064 in a product and have reached the pilot build phase. The manufactured pilot boards all have the RT1064 chips received from the same batch. In our post production programming process we use the UART serial flash loader to program the chip (we don't use any JTAG tool to program the boards in production). We are using the sdphost.exe and blhost.exe utilities from the RT1064 Flash Loader pack provided by NXP to program the chip and also burn the efuse bits. 


During our last prototype build a few months back this process was working perfectly. But now for the most recent boards we are not able to program the chip using blhost.exe tool. We can successfully load the flashloader firmware in RAM and jump to it using sdphost.exe tool. But when use blhost.exe to load our application binary file the utility fails with response code 10004 (0x2714). Please see the screen shot below.




The version of the blhost.exe is 2.2.0.


Could someone from NXP please guide us on what could be going wrong? This is happening on all the latest manufactured boards. We suspect that there could be some issue with the internal flash or may be the revision of the chip is new and perhaps it needs a newer version of blehost  and sdphost tools. Please guide us at the earliest, our pilot build batch is stuck in the board manufacturer house just because the chip fails to program.


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Mayuresh Manjrekar

Firmware Development Manager | Microlise Telematics