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KW41Z Power Manager Demo App not working

Question asked by thibaut koch on Jun 24, 2020
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I recently bought a KW41Z development kit and trying to understand the different functionalities I need by going though the demos. Most of them worked flawlessly but power_manager and power_mode_switch seems not to be fully functional out of the box.


Both starts without troubles and show on my UART or debug console (depending on which options I chose when downloading the demo) a menu to select the desired power mode.


From option A to E (Run, Wait, Stop, VLPR and VLPH) everything behave as intended (I didn't check the consumption but I think there is no problem) but for all the other modes (VLPS, LLS/LLS3, VLPR0, VLLS1, VLLS2 and VLLS3), be it using LPTMR or SW3 (GPIO) triggers, it seems that it automatically wakes up just after being put to sleep. I looked at the most plausible causes (switching between UART/stock debugging, configuration of the ide...) but nothing seems to make it work.


I followed the exact same procedure described here for dowloading each component and dowloaded the demo the same way it's done for the hybrid (BLE+Thread) demo : Getting Started with FRDM-KW41Z | NXP 


Others seems to have the same kind of problem (Low power mode with KW41Z ) but he managed to get LSS3 working which was sufficient for him. I need under 10uA most of the time while retaining some core data so it's not enough for me even if I managed to do the same.


How can I make it work ?

Is there some parameters which could induce such behavior ?


Thanks in advance.