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Using GPT in SD Card (LS1028ARDB)

Question asked by Igor Tedeschi Franco on Jun 23, 2020
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I'm studying the different kind of partition tables to be used with SD Card/eMMC on an evaluation board LS1028ARDB. I know that the most common is the MBR partition table, which uses only the first block of the memory. I notice in the Layerscape Software Development Kit User Guide document that is necessary to write the RCW + PBI + BL2 in the block 8 of the SD Card/eMMC, what is not a problem using the MBR. However, when the GPT is used, the initial valid LBA is the block 34. If I write the RCW + PBI + BL2 starting on block 8 again, the GPT parition table appears as corrupted. Is it possible to change the start block of the processor to start in block 34, allowing the usage of a GPT partition table?


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