Simon Chamlian

Configuring PortE on 5282

Discussion created by Simon Chamlian on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2010 by Mark Butcher


I am trying to configure portE on 5282 without success. I would like to have PE2 and PE3 configured as output. So I am setting:


#define MCF5282_GPIO_DDRE  (*(vuint8  *)(void *)(&__IPSBAR[0x100018]))
#define MCF5282_GPIO_PEPAR (*(vuint16 *)(void *)(&__IPSBAR[0x100052]))

    MCF5282_GPIO_DDRE = 0x8 | 0x4;
    MCF5282_GPIO_PEPAR = 0;



I am trying to toggle the pin using:


 MCF5282_GPIO_PORTE  |=  (0x8);// set 1
 MCF5282_GPIO_PORTE &= ~(0x8);// set 0


It DOES NOT work.

What I am doing wrong?



PS: I also tried:

#define MCF5282_GPIO_SETE    (*(vuint8  *)(void *)(&__IPSBAR[0x10002C]))
#define MCF5282_GPIO_CLRE     (*(vuint8  *)(void *)(&__IPSBAR[0x100040]))

 MCF5282_GPIO_SETE |=  0x8;
 MCF5282_GPIO_CLRE |=  0x8;