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NAND and NOR Flash on Port A

Question asked by Patrick Belohlavek on Jun 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2020 by Sabina Bruce



according to the post "FlexSpi NOR and NAND Flash Configuration", we have to switch the position of the NAND flash from port B1 to port A2. We have all the available pins in use and it's not enough. We have to use a port expander in addition. The next hardware revision will have the NOR flash at port A2, if it is possible.


In my opinion, when I switch the NAND flash to port A2, I have to change the associated pins and NAND flash functions to port A2. Now both flashes use the same port. The execute in place will (xip) operate on the NOR flash and our function calls will read data like images from NAND flash.


We use the same flash timings for NOR and NAND flash according to the application note within the section "3.1 Multiple flash implementing RWW". The flexspi_device_config_t structure is the same for NOR as for NAND flash. From the perspective of the Flexspi controller, there are two identical flash devices that meet the timing constraints. The configuraiton is available in this thread FlexSpi NOR and NAND Flash Configuration.


Is it possible to connect our NAND flash to the same port A as the NOR flash?
What additional changes do I have to take into account especially for Flexspi module initialization (FLEXSPI_Init), if it is possible to use port A for both flash devices?


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