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SE050C2HQ1/Z01SDZ- Termination finish

Question asked by Shai Berman on Jun 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by Kan_Li

Hello team,


We need your advice regarding the termination finish of #SE050C2HQ1/Z01SFZ.

  a. In the case of 100% tin please advise:
      i. What kind of tin is used, matte or bright?
      ii. Do you run annealing (1h baking in 150°c max 24h past plating)?
      iii. Do you make tin whiskers test according to JSDEC22-A121 or JEDEC201?
      iv. What is the minimum thickness of the leads coating finish layer?
      v. What is the intermediate layer material?
b. In the case of 100% Gold Plating:
      i. What is the material used under the gold finish?
      ii. What is the minimum Gold coating thickness?
c. In case of other coatings than those above, please mention it.


Please advise back, thanks in advance.

Kind regards,