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I2C EEPROM Read/Write

Question asked by Fabio Benevento on Jun 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by Mark Butcher


I've some problem with an I2C EEPROM (24LC64T).

If I do single Read/Write of one byte / page all works well.

If I try do due consecutive Read or Write I notice some malfunctions with writing the bytes in the wrong position.

Even introducing delays between one writing and another respecting the times indicated in the datasheet (I also tried with very large delays beyond 10ms) the problem remains.

What am I doing wrong?

Must the delay be by chance between the address byte and the data byte?

I am attaching the examples that I have used. They are for a custom board with the k22 microcontroller but can also be used on other micro.