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CW with ADS5121 debugging

Question asked by Stas Desyatnikov on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on May 14, 2009 by Stas Desyatnikov

Hi All,

My first post here.

I just got ADS512101 board and CW 5.9.0 that came with it.

I set up the board with serial and Ethernet connection. In order to work the Ethernet required some tweaking at the bootloader but after some playing around it worked.

Now I'd like to debug my application via Ethernet connection. Can someone explain how this should be done?

Whenever I try to run my "hello world" app. it says CSSProtocolPlugin: Failed to connect to the probe.

I understand there should be board side component (probe) that should run but I can't find info on the subject.

In the connection settings I selected EPPC  CodeWarrior Ethernet. Where do I configure the IP and port of the debug agent on the board?