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CLRC663 IRQ signal

Discussion created by Jaromir Ambroz on Jun 22, 2020
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I’ve implemented NFC communication in electronic controlled by PIC16 MCU. MCU communicates with CLRC663 via SPI. I am able to communicate with CLRC663, even with the Mifare classic 1 k, but I am facing problem with IRQ signal which is generated on PIN. I am trying to implement LPCD using timer 3 and 4 in a similar way as in example AN11145 (page 16, 17). According to AN11145 it is better to wait for IRQ signal generated on IRQ pin than poll registers using communication (SPI in my case). But in my case, even though I enable just LPCD_IRQEN and IRQPinEN (IRQ1EN), clear all bits of IRQ0EN and clear all interrupt flags in IRQ0 and IRQ1, CLRC663 generates interrupt on IRQ pin. IRQ0 register is read with 0x20 value - > LoAlertIRQ and IQR1 with value 0x00. Clearing flags or disabling interrupts does not work IRQ is generated periodically. I thought, that IRQ signal should be generated only when GlobalIRQ is in log 1, is that correct? My goal is to get IRQ signal just in the case of LPCD interrupt, is it possible?

Thank you.