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MPC5748G MCU freezes after flashing

Question asked by Kevin Aden Employee on Jun 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2020 by Peter Vlna



I am currently trying to work with the SJA1105SMBEVM evaluation board with an MPC5748G and S32 Design Studio for PA v2.1.

SDK I use is SDK PA RTM v3.0.0 with example project phy_autoneg_mpc5748g.

To flash the controller I use a PEMicro debugger.

The problem I experience is the following: Whenever I flash the MPC5748G and hit Resume in the debug window, the microcontroller seems to freeze and the LED at Port A1 lights up, alive LED does not blink. I always have to press the reset button once after flashing the program into the MPC5748G.

It seems to be only the case when using the newer version of S32 Design Studio for PA and the above-mentioned SDK. I tried to flash the MPC5748G with an example project from S32 Design Studio for PA 2018 and SDK RTM v3.0.0 and the problem does not occur.


I'm pleased for any help. If additional information is required I will provide them.


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