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MFGTool iMX6ULL board bring-up

Question asked by dsnknd on Jun 18, 2020
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I'm bringing up my custom iMX6ULL board. I've used iMX6ULL EVK as reference.


By using MFGTool the result is:


U-Boot 2017.03-imx_v2017.03_4.9.88_2.0.0_ga+gb76bb1b (May 01 2018 - 15:11:54 -0500)

CPU: Freescale i.MX6ULL rev1.1 at 396 MHz
Reset cause: POR
Model: Freescale i.MX6 ULL DDR3 ARM2 Board
Board: MX6ULL 14X14 DDR3 ARM2
i2c_idle_bus: failed to clear bus, sda=0 scl=1
Not supported, id=10
initcall sequence bffa8808 failed at call 87804210 (err=-22)
### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###


Is there a problem with i2c?


I2C1/UART4 balls are connected to an RTC.


I2C2/UART5 balls are left open.


How can I go on from here?


How can I override i2c test?