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Breakpoint Stopped But no Indication in MCUXpresso11.1.1

Question asked by Zhiqun Hu on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by Zhiqun Hu

I have a K64 project with multi-task using FreeRTOS, I noticed that some of tasks I can make BPs and step into it for debugging and MCUXpresso works properly, but some of the tasks I can make BP and the SW execution will stop at the BP but there is no any indication at all, so I am not able to do anything. I am using Tera Term to monitor system working condition so I know how the system is working.


If I suspend the program running (clicking the yellow double-bar button), I will get a warning of "Interrupt failed". At this point, if I click on Task List for Kernel Awareness, there is nothing come out. There is no interrupt handling in these tasks and it happens repeatably 100% even with single BP in the project.


Figure 1. Normal BP setting


Figure 2. Task stopped with not indication